Generate Dynamic QR Cards

Create it first, then use it.

What is it for?

Now you can generate a QR Card in which you can put any information. The most important advantage - is that you can fill it in at any time... and even overwrite it.

Imagine that you want to leave yourself a reminder, such as a reference to the coffee machine manual (so that not have to look for it every time you need to clean it). And under your arm you find a "blank" sticker with a QR Card.
You scan it, attach a link to it and save.

You can attach few types of content to a card:

  • Link - after scanning the QR Card, the specified site will automatically open.
  • Text - here you can leave a note, a message, an instruction, or anything else.
  • Photo - take a photo and add caption.
  • Profile - a card to help you figure out whose thing it is. For example, if you forget your suitcase at the airport or your bag at the gym.


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